Our Athlete's Evening Routines With Knight Kap

Our Athlete's Evening Routines With Knight Kap

Here's how our athletes get better in bed every night.

Eric Hinman

Eric Hinman is an endurance athlete (5x Ironman) and KOH Athlete. 

Here's Eric's bedtime routine: 

  • I avoid highly stimulating environments late at night.
  • I watch about 45 min of YouTube outside with blue light-blocking glasses on before retreating to bed.
  • I wear earplugs and a sleep mask.
  • Our temperature is set to 63 at night in our bedroom.
  • I use a ChiliPad.
  • I have a Performa Sleep mattress that wicks away heat.
  • We use ettitude sheets.
  • I have a teaspoon of honey with my sleep supplement Knight Kap.
  • I do contrast therapy every night from 5-7 PM as a wind-down routine.

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Kelsey Kiel


Kelsey Kiel is a CrossFit and KOH Athlete.

Here’s Kelsey’s bedtime routine:

My bedtime routine is VERY important to me. A few key steps I take are: drinking my Knight Kap, turning off all screens at least a half hour before bedtime, reading by red light, and doing some breathing exercises and meditation.

I always make sure my room is dark and chilly and wear a sleep mask. White noise is also playing in the background throughout the night. It's extremely peaceful and has been beneficial to my recovery!

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Luke Parker

Luke Parker is a CrossFit and KOH Athlete.

Here’s Luke’s bedtime routine: 

  • Stop eating by 8 PM (Helps with sleep and digestion)
  • Get off the phone 1 hour and 30 minutes before bed 
  • Prepare Meal One for the morning and Knight Kap
  • Read 5-15 pages of my book (If I haven't fallen asleep already)

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Michael Chernow

Michael Chernow is the founder of Kreatures of Habit.

At around 5:20 pm, just before leaving the office, I ensure that everything is clean, tidy, and in the right place. I also wash any dishes I may have used throughout the day, such as coffee mugs, my Meal One Kreature Kontainer, and my lunch meal prep container. This ritual has paid off hundreds of times as I never walk into a messy environment, and the office is always calm and ready for me to work.

Typically, I'm in the truck by 5:30 pm, and I listen to chill music, podcasts, or audiobooks on the 20-minute ride home. I rarely take calls during this drive, except when necessary.

The next habit has been MONUMENTAL for me and my family. I arrive at my house around 5:55 pm, pull halfway up the driveway, and turn off the car. I then place my hands in my lap, close my eyes, and do about 3-5 minutes of breathwork. The breathwork exercises I do vary, but typically involve ten rounds of box breathing or five to ten rounds of a double inhale-long slow exhale. You may be wondering why I do breathwork in the driveway. Well, work energy is intense, more intense than Dad/Husband energy. 

I don't want to be the CEO guy walking into my house; I want to be the dad and husband. Breathwork brings me back to baseline, allowing me to transition from intense work energy to a much calmer and present energy. It's a game-changer.

Right after I finish my breathwork, I grab my phone and put it on airplane mode. I then drive the rest of the way up the driveway and enter my house with one thing in mind: to be the best family man I can be. I put the phone in a drawer in the kitchen as soon as I get in and don't take it out until after the kids are in bed.

I hug and kiss my family and pooch, and my wife usually has dinner ready to go at 6 pm sharp. I'm blessed to have a wife who loves to cook, and she's an amazing cook. Donna cooks during the week, and I cook most meals on the weekends. We eat dinner together every night, and I rarely miss dinner at 6, unless I'm traveling. Not long after dinner starts, we go around the table, and each of us says our rose, thorn, bud, and seed for the day. We share something awesome that happened that day, something that could have gone better, something we're looking forward to, and something we did to be of service to someone else that day. It's a great way to check in and share gratitude daily.

After dinner, we typically play some word games and then bring our dishes to the kitchen - all of us, even the little ones. After doing the dishes, I always prepare my Meal One for the next day, as well as my lunch meal prep for the following day. Afterward, I play games, draw, or read with the kids until 7:15 pm, when it's bedtime for the boys. Donna and I switch every other night.

After the kids are down, I make myself a smoothie, usually around 7:45 pm. My smoothie consists of 8 oz of ice, 2 oz of frozen riced cauliflower, ½ cup of frozen blueberries, ½ banana, 1 scoop of protein powder, and 1 tsp of cinnamon. It's the bomb. I then head to the couch, where Donna and I cuddle and watch a show.

At 8:30-8:45 pm, I make my Knight Kap, the last thing I have before bed. I like it with almond milk and a bit of hot water. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness before bed. You can watch the video of exactly how I make it here.

We head up to the bedroom at 9:30, brush our teeth, wash our faces, and of course, take a pee :) 

The bedroom is equipped with blackout shades and a mattress chiller. I use a sleep mask (that you can get with your Knight Kap subscription) and always throw in one of my AirPods and listen to an audiobook. I am generally asleep in under a minute! 

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