About Us

All of us are Kreatures of Habit and this is OUR story

The brainchild of New York City restaurateur Michael Chernow, Kreatures of Habit was born with one simple goal in mind—Give people the power to harness healthy habits from wake up to wind down.

Developed over a year of testing and formulation, Meal One is an optimized approach to everyone's favorite instant oatmeal. Authenticity and originality is at the forefront of Kreatures of Habit. We also developed a complimentary line of custom cut-and-sew apparel because we believe you should not only feel good on the inside, but look good on the outside. Together, the product range is designed to represent a deeply rooted dedication to living a better-for-you life in style. Why? Because we believe your best life is right in front of you. Start living it today.


Meet Michael


Known for his preceding reputation as both a fitness junkie and prolific foodie, personality-entrepreneur Michael Chernow devised a clever way to combine his passions into one fearlessly optimistic brand. Enter: Kreatures of Habit. 

Chernow’s foray into consumer products has been a pretty natural next-step in his culinary evolution. After co-founding beloved NYC hotspots like The Meatball Shop and Seamore’s, the serial creative looked to his personal life when developing his latest venture. Always into sports and fitness as a kid, a young Chernow fell out of sports-life in his early teens and landed in the fast-paced party scene of Manhattan. After a decade of excess and bad habits, Chernow was introduced to the art of Muay Thai kickboxing by friend and mentor Marcus TK. It was a moment that would radically transform his life—mind, body and soul. Chernow swiftly began to reap the benefits and positive effects of fitness, keeping to a militant diet regime and introducing meditation and wellness practices into his everyday routine—the reward was deep self-discovery. Before long, the struggling go-getter was a rising restaurant magnate on an uphill trajectory held together by his healthy habits. 

Paying homage to that journey, Chernow’s Kreatures of Habit offers a positive platform of fitness, nutrition and wellness resources through Habitual Rituals, alongside Meal One. The plant-based, gluten-free, superfood-laced oatmeal is Chernow’s antidote to forging that first positive ritual into your everyday life.