Kreatures of Habit Meal Plan

3,000 calories

  • 190 grams Protein
  • 391 grams Carbs
  • 75 grams Fat


Meal 1 – 34g P 70g C 12g F  

KOH packet, 100g blueberries, ½ oz almonds 


Meal 2 – 38g P 65g C 9g F 

4oz chicken breast, 1.5 cup quinoa, 100g broccoli or asparagus


Meal 3 – 29g P 68g C 17g F – good pre workout

4oz chicken thigh, 10oz sweet potato, 2oz avocado, 100g broccoli or asparagus


Meal 4 – 35g P 66g C 11g F – good post workout

1.25 scoops whey protein,  100g banana, 1 tbsp almond / peanut butter, 3 rice cakes


Meal 5 – 31g P 55g C 10g F – can swap meals 5 and 3 if you prefer eggs earlier in day

2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 Bilinski chicken sausage,  80g old fashioned oats


Meal 6 – 29g P 60g C 15g F
5oz cod, 1.5 cups white rice or brown, 1 tbsp olive oil drizzled on top of fish 


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