First cultivated in its native homeland of New Guinea, sugar was originally used for its medicinal purposes. The history of how this sweet spice has influenced the world goes back to around 10,000 B.C when honey was king (or the queen bee). Fast forward to around the year 300 when Romans and Greeks visited India and were astonished at how similar sugarcane was compared to honey—without the bee stings. Some years later sugarcane was coveted only by the rich and famous, which swiftly led to the evolution of sugar refinement. Once coffee, chocolate and tea found their way into Europe, the sugar rush really picked up and it became more in demand than alcohol. Now that you’re up to date on the history of sugar, you’ll appreciate the irony of its modern day reputation that has left a bittersweet aftertaste. 

Sugar has come a long way from being hyped up for thousands of years. But by now we’re all keenly aware of the many detriments and damages that refined sugar can cause to our body. The average American consumes almost 60 lbs of added sugar a year. The negative risks and side effects of sugar consumption overload can result in high blood pressure, weight gain, inflammation, diabetes, liver and heart disease, chaotic cholesterol levels, poor skin health—the list is endless and, let’s face it, super depressing for the once sought-after and beloved plant. But the story of sugar has really come full circle, and we’re here to share the all-natural versions that make each PrOATagonist flavor sweetly delicious. 


Organic Maple Sugar

Filled with good-for-you nutrients and must-have antioxidants, our organic maple sugar gives you a healthy dose of sweetness and is derived straight from the (you guessed it!) Maple tree. It’s also a great source of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and calcium. Researchers also have concluded that Organic Maple Sugar may improve gut and liver health. 

Stevia Leaf Extract

Primarily grown in South America and Asia, Stevia has amazing benefits that are just as good as it tastes. You deserve a little something sweet and we’re giving it to you in the best way we know how through this plant-based, low-calorie sugar substitute. Diabetics and those who suffer from high blood pressure or stubborn weight can benefit from this amazing extract as it contains so many antioxidants compounds, glycosides, and zero carbohydrates. 

Monk Fruit

The newest sugar in the game right now is actually one of the oldest—hailing from Southern China this high-intensity natural sweetener is simple and easy on your digestion. This sweet super fruit contains antioxidants, cancer fighting properties, and virtually no calories. A little goes a long way since it’s almost 200 times sweeter than regular processed sugar but even though it’s sweeter, your dentist will strongly approve of this alternative because it does not cause cavities! 


Substituting processed white sugar for vanilla is always a good call. Its soothing aromatic properties and familiar flavor profile is both sentimental and beneficial. Vanilla contains compounds that are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that have the potential to fight harmful cells in the body. Some research suggests that adding vanilla to your meals or proffered drinks like coffee or tea can also benefit your brain health and nervous system. How sweet is that?