Meal One

Our founder thinks he’s an “artist” so he put his artistic stamp to the name.

Panic.  Then realize that you can go to and order more.  But if you’re reading this, you’re probably on the site already, so just go to the top and hit the shop button. 

It’s Pea protein. Pea protein is a great source of lean protein, fiber, vitamin B6 and iron. Always consult with your doctor before switching to a new protein source.

(Carbs minus fiber)

There is zero added sugar to Meal One. We only use Monk Fruit to sweeten - no sugar here, only the good stuff.

Rumor has it that he’s been developing this for years after a worldwide trip to source every ingredient himself from the ground to his kitchen.  But he’ll tell you that it is his recipe and he eats it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  We prefer the rumor as the story.

There are three methods to make it and all bring out the right consistency and flavors we want you to enjoy.  It’s really up to your personal preference.  The secret fourth way to make Meal One is in a smoothie with ice, and milk of your choice. If you’re swinging for the bleachers, add half a banana. 

Probably not as a brine for roasted turkey, but otherwise, yes we encourage that.  Also if you create something great, we want to see it, so post it on social and tag us.



The fat comes from pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, protein and ground chia.

The beauty of having a dry product is extended shelf life. The shelf life of Meal One is 2 years.


Yes, unless you make it with milk.


We have chosen to use Gluten Free NGMO Oats and are actively working on removing the sunflower oil.

No, they are not Styrian.

The organic natural flavour adheres to National Organic Standards.

We stand by all our products for quality, but also understand that our product may not be for everyone.  If you don’t like it, send us a note and we’ll take care of it.

Knight Kap

We're using the vegan version of the ashwagandha extract. There are some concerns that ashwagandha in high doses might induce abortion for pregnant women. It is generally recommended that pregnant women avoid all herbal extracts due to lack of safety studies on pregnant women.

Similarly there aren't many safety studies on kids, so generally the default warning on supplements is that they are not for pregnant or nursing women, or for anyone under 18.

None of the ingredients in Knight Kap contain Gluten in any form.

There is ~100 mg sodium per serving.

We abide by all FDA food manufacturing rules and regulations and out manufacturing partners operate FDA registered facilities.


Unless you’ve been hitting the gym extra hard since you ordered our clothes, they should run true to size, but if something doesn’t fit right, let us know and we will get you one that does. Keep in mind that we designed the clothing to have a comfortable relaxed fit.

We prefer that you read to it at least once a day and maybe a nice long walk a few times a week and make sure it has plenty of water.  But outside of that, care instructions are listed on the label.

Hate to say it, but you’ve lost your hoodie.  Don’t try to get it back.  Look at it as a compliment that she wants it.  Just click on 'Apparel' and order a new one.  Then you both can be matchy matchy.  


Send us a note and we'll take care of it

Send us a note and we'll take care of it

1) Look for a star outside and wish upon it to arrive soon so you can enjoy immediately.  

2) If #1 doesn't work, you should have received an email from us that has your tracking number. You can click on it to find out where and when your package will arrive (check your spam or junk folder as well if you don't see it in your inbox).

4) If none of the above works, contact us and we will get back to you.

As of now, all flavors are sold in boxes of 7 pouches. You can order as many boxes as you want but you cannot mix and match flavors within 1 box.

If we sold less than 8, would it really be a habit?

First, check your household for anyone who may have eaten them all.  This is the most common reason for missing product.  If that’s not the case, let us know and we will replace it.

We aren’t able to send out samples at this moment.  But we get it, you want to try it first, so if you buy it and don’t like it, let us know and we’ll refund you.


Your product typically takes 3 to 7 business days to get to you. We do not offer expedited shipping at this time.

I would want this coolness as soon as possible too, but unfortunately we don’t offer expedited shipping.  But it is worth the wait.

In our minds, no one should have to wait.  But we all don’t live in our minds.  


Minimally we just want you to enjoy it and live your best life. As for subscriptions, no, you can cancel at any time. 

You can update your subscription in your account.

You can update your subscription in your account.

You can login to your account and go to 'Manage subscriptions,' or send us a note and we'll get back to you.

You can update your subscription in your account.